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Do You Have Such Doubts Before The Display Order?
Mar 15, 2019

For some customers who are not familiar with paper shelves, there are always many questions about paper shelves. This time, we will answer questions for some customers who often consult.

About material

Q: What material is the paper display frame generally used?

A: We generally use environmentally friendly corrugated paper. The thickness of the material is designed according to the weight of the placed product. Generally, it uses single-wafer paper, double-wafer paper, B-watt, E-watt, A-watt, etc.image

About bearing

Q: Can the paper display stand really bear the weight?

A: Before designing the paper shelf, the architect will design the load-bearing structure according to the customized product under the mechanics concept. If the product is overweight, we will consider adding other non-paper accessories such as iron pipes to improve the carrying capacity. If the product is still out of the load range, we recommend that you use a paper stack instead of a paper shelf.

Q: How many pounds can this iron pipe bear? How many pounds can it bear without it?

A: Under normal circumstances, one iron pipe can withstand 5-8 kg, and two iron pipes can withstand 10-20 kg. No iron pipe 3-4 kg.


Life expectancy

Q: How long does the paper display stand generally last?

A: If we don't destroy and use water, our paper shelves can be used for half a year or longer. Because we will cover the surface of the paper display, it can be very waterproof. If the bottom needs waterproof, you can add a PVC primer or plastic bracket to the bottom of the display.


About the fee

Paper shelf costs include production costs, proofing fees, taxes, shipping, and more. Most customers are concerned, so it will be explained in the following questions.

Q: Why is the quantity of the product, the lower the price of the product?

A: In the production process of paper shelves, part of the plate making, printing, die cutting, booting, etc. is a fixed fee, which means that there is no difference between the fixed cost of ordering one customer and ordering 100 paper shelves. When these fixed costs are allocated to a small number of orders, the unit price will be higher; when the large number of orders are allocated, the unit price will be lower.

Q: How do I charge a proofing fee?

A: We need to invest more manpower and material resources in the early stage of proofing, so we will charge a certain amount of proofing fee reasonably, but we will refund the proofing fee in the later stage.

About quantity

We often meet early-stage customers who want to try custom paper displays for their products. When inquiring about the number of customer orders, one, two, and ten are willing to accept small orders. However, because part of the production process, such as plate making, printing, die cutting, and booting, is a fixed cost. If the quantity is too small, the cost of sharing will be high, so the printing cost will be extended to the order quantity.

Q: How much is the order?

A: Generally, there are 100 sets of floor-standing display racks, stacking heads, paper furniture, paper crafts, etc., and the minimum number of countertop display boxes is 50 sets.

The difference between large cardboard and sample cardboard

After receiving the product, the customer found that the thickness of the large product differed from the thickness of the sample.

Q: Why is the thickness of large cardboard different from the thickness of the model cardboard?

A: Because the machine used is different, the thickness of the sample is different from the thickness of the large cardboard. The sample board is sprayed directly on the corrugated paper, and then cut with a cutting machine so that its thickness does not change; the large cardboard is the first corrugated paper that is passed on the corrugated paper by the paper machine (this is the first paper to be pressed) Process)). Then, take the good cardboard to the beer machine for beer pressure. The pre-made knife mold is placed in the beer machine, and the beer machine presses the knife mold on the cardboard shape (this is the second process in which the paper is pressed), and the cardboard is only crushed by the place where the knife mold is pressed. . Therefore, the bulk and sample materials are the same.

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