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A Great Tool To Double Your Sales
Aug 29, 2018

Competition in all walks of life is now intensifying. If it is not innovative, it will face elimination. Therefore, whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, we must constantly innovate in order to better retain our old customers with better service and better products, and attract more new customers. As a leader in the corrugated display stands industry, we must constantly strive to innovate and prepare for our development.

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If we want to survive in this highly competitive era, we must first continue to innovate. We want to open up the POP creative printing market to win the victory in paper POP in the terminal promotional items. There are more and more traditional printing competitors, and the printing price is low and low. According to this change in the market, corrugated display stands manufacturers must at least do two things: first, we must choose a field to focus on research; second, we must make features and form a brand, so that we can achieve, we only have, all have, we are better. Well, then there is no fear of competition.

When the processing business of the POP corrugated display stands is accepted, the logistics cost of the corrugated display stands is very high, so the simple processing of the corrugated display stands needs to be transformed into the creative design of the paper display stand. The material of the original corrugated display stands is mostly wood, acrylic, metal, etc. Two thousand piles need ten trucks of ten tons, and the logistics cost can be imagined. However, the paper display stand turned out to solve these problems. Because the foldable corrugated display stands takes up much less space and is much lighter than wood and metal, and can further reduce the volume by improving the structural design, the printed matter and corrugated board, wood board, acrylic, plastic, metal and other materials. Combined, creative design and structural design, made into a variety of display props, this is the Swiss POP products.

cardboard retail display racks for sale

Nowadays, the paper industry's "full industry chain" model has outstanding advantages. corrugated display stands manufacturers are basically the whole industry chain model of “R & D design + processing + production + warehousing logistics”. So let the corrugated display stands have a greater advantage. "Many printing companies have weak design power, and advertising products are very demanding in this respect. It must be beautiful, color is very important; designing a strong advertising company often does not have processing, manufacturing capabilities, and production outsourcing." Therefore, a good paper shelf manufacturer can well handle these tasks to people and produce good paper shelves.

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The creative design of paper shelves can add more space for companies to create more value and increase profits. In the past, POP was mainly used to stack and display goods. Nowadays, POP has been transformed into functions and features for presenting and explaining. It is our pursuit to make POP products perfect and special. The grasp of customer needs, the deep understanding of the sales concept, in turn, promotes the innovation of POP product form. POP is only the most beautiful one like a silk flower, and it can hardly be recycled. It is extremely personalized, the market is constantly changing, and customer needs are constantly changing. Only by keeping up with market changes and innovating can we make the most creative POP products.

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Shenzhen WOW Display Co., Ltd. As an old company engaged in the production of corrugated display stands for many years, it is our responsibility to continuously promote the progress and development of paper shelves. Only this industry has grown stronger and our products have become well-known products. Our victory will really come.

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    Add: 3/F, Yuehua Industrial Park, Songbai Road, Gongming Street, Guangming District, Shenzhen, China, 518106.
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