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Corrugated Displays Deserve More Applications
Apr 25, 2018

There is still a small number of merchants to understand the paper display shelves yet deep enough, in the terminal market is still using traditional metal display stands, wooden display stands, in fact, the cardboard display shelf as long as the design is reasonable can also carry heavy products, for daily supplies, cosmetics and so on with corrugated paper shelves is very good.


Corrugated display shelves are all made of cardboard. They can be recovered after being used, light weight, flat packed and can be stacked, saving transportation logistics costs, and can be used repeatedly. This is convenient for transportation compared with traditional shelves, and also reduces many logistics costs. The terminal has the function of attracting customers and promoting products for any commercial form of business. At the same time, it also has the function of improving the image and reputation of enterprises.


If you still think that corrugated display shelves are made out of cardboard and they can't carry much weight, that's a incorrect idea. Paper display shelves are made of corrugated paper and can be used in combination with other materials and can also greatly improve their loading ability. Some production enterprises pay more attention to the development of products. At present, the competition of various products is innumerable, the product enters the market, puts the counter, and is only transferred from the commercial unit to the downstream. The sales process has been completed only if the product is sold.


How to make your product stand out, catch the eye of your customers and create higher value for the company. At this time the strong color of the corrugated cardboard shelf, the beautiful pattern, the prominent shape, the humorous action, the accurate and vivid advertising language can create a strong sales atmosphere, attract the sight of the consumers, and make the purchase impulse. These are the features that traditional shelves do not have.


According to the market, there are still some manufacturers still choose traditional metal, wooden display shelves, although there are some relatively large enterprises using corrugated paper shelves, but these are only short-term, in essence, there are still a lot of problems. Corrugated display shelves are good for environmental protection, promotion and so on. Why does this part of the enterprise do not use corrugated paper shelves? However, the small editor of Shenzhen WOW Display Co., Ltd. to promote the use of the concept of environmental protection corrugated POP display shelves, attract more enterprises to use corrugated POP shelves, so that more enterprises feel the economic benefits of corrugated paper display shelves, and promote the market development of cardboard display shelves.


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    Add: 3/F, Yuehua Industrial Park, Songbai Road, Gongming Street, Guangming District, Shenzhen, China, 518106.
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