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Different Requirements Of Paper For Printing
Jul 02, 2018

1. Coated paper

Coated paper, also known as printing coated paper, is made by coating a layer of white paste on the base paper and calendering it. The surface of the paper is smooth, the whiteness is high, the stretchability is small, and the absorption and reception state of the ink are very good. It is mainly used for printing high-end books and magazine covers and illustrations, color pictures, all kinds of exquisite product advertisements, samples, merchandise packaging boxes, and trademarks.

Matte coated paper, compared with coated paper, not too reflective. With its printed pattern, although the coated paper is not colorful, the pattern is more delicate and more upscale than the coated paper. The printed graphics and pictures have a three-dimensional effect, so the coated paper can be widely used for printing pictorials, advertisements, landscape paintings, exquisite calendars, and character photography.

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2. Artpaper

The artpaper is an ideal material for making high-end packaging, and its good feel, ideal color and dot transfer conditions, as well as stiffness and surface strength are the reasons for the designer's choice. According to the requirements of different packaging boxes, designers can choose a variety of paper jams.

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(1) White cardboard

The characteristics of white cardboard are not only high whiteness, but also soft, elegant and noble. The dots are well transferred during printing, and the level and color reproduction can reach a fairly high level, and the hand feel is delicate. Designers often use white cardboard for high-end products such as gift boxes, cosmetic cases, wine boxes, and tags.

(2) Glass cardboard

Glass paperboard is a kind of paperboard produced by vitrification of the surface of white cardboard. The surface gloss of this paper is very high, and the hand feels smooth. Its visual effect is better than that of cardboard and coated paper after UV glazing. The degree is still high, and the products made with this type of cardboard are very bright and dazzling. Designers often apply glass cardboard to the packaging of pharmaceuticals and high-end cosmetics.

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3. Cardboard

The cardboard is a laminated structure paper having a basis weight of 220 g/m 2 , 240 g/m 2 , 250 g/m 2 ... 400 g/m 2 , 450 g/m 2 , and a wide range, and the room of choice is the largest among various materials. The paper has a certain degree of stiffness and surface strength, especially the coloring whiteboard paper has a surface coating, the printing ink is not easy to penetrate, the amount is small, and the color and the dot of the printed image are well transferred. However, the disadvantage is that the flatness is poor and the printing speed is slow; another disadvantage is that the hand feel is rather rough compared to the cardboard.

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4. Corrugated cardboard

The most commonly used is corrugated cardboard. The color of corrugated cardboard itself is quite dark. Therefore, when choosing the color to be printed, it must be considered to use ink with high color saturation (such as large red color), otherwise the printed color and There is a big gap in the color of hope. Ink viscosity is one of the main indicators that need to be controlled in corrugated board printing. It is one of the main factors affecting the color of printing.

Corrugated board is used in display stands for food, clothing, sporting goods, IT products, daily necessities, auto supplies, music, books and other industries.

In order to cater to the diversification of paper display stands, it is more popular with consumers, and often used together with other materials, so that the paper display stand can carry more styling updates.

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