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Key Point Of Display Stand In Shopping Mall
Jun 02, 2018

As early as two hundred years ago, Japanese literati attributed Japan’s home habits to the “5S” Act (in English, it was headed by S): often finishing, regular rectification, frequent cleaning, frequent cleaning, and constant education, and This method is widely used in all aspects of work and life. One of the reasons for the standard is that the stores take care of themselves. A clean, tidy and well-ordered store will give guests a good impression. The display and placement of shopping malls will directly affect the quality of the business. Therefore, many shopping centers also at no expense to the designer's help with the design, said the display, it can not be separated from the display racks placed items, there are many types of display racks, roughly divided into: metal display stand, wood display stand, paper display stand. Among them, metal is the most durable and strong, but it is not environmentally friendly, and it is not easy to move. The wood display rack has the most texture. It can display the atmosphere, but it is very expensive. The paper display stand is light and environmentally friendly. Different promotional advertisements can be ordered on the surface. Languages and patterns can also be in many different shapes, but the disadvantage is that they are not durable. I personally feel that shopping malls have 40% of iron shelves, 10% of wooden shelves, and 50% of paper shelves. This is a reasonable classification in terms of economy and beauty. Let's focus on the display and characteristics of paper display stands.


First of all to show you a few paper display stands in the store layout and application.

 Display stand.jpg

Paper display stands are generally used to place packaging items. It is not easy to place vegetables and meat. How to choose paper display stands? First, the height of the paper display stands customization depends on the region. In China, according to the average height of the Chinese, the height of the paper display stands should not exceed 1.75m, which is too high for the purchaser to pick and place the goods. In shopping malls, paper display stands can be placed side by side to display merchandise, small items can be placed next to shelves, and can be placed in the middle of a supermarket to display shelves to display merchandise. For the different positions of the paper display stands, the shape of the paper shelf will also be different, and the discharged paper shelf should be neat and clear on both sides. The paper display stands at the corners should be beautifully affixed to the product, and should be flat on one side for easy placement. The cardboard pallets display placed in the middle of the supermarket are required to be novel in appearance, able to attract customers, and to be rationally designed so that customers can see the goods no matter which direction they come from.

In general, the humanized design of paper display stands can bring vitality to the shopping malls, and it deserves to be the first choice for shelves.


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    Add: Room 211, Shuiyuan Ju Bld, Baoan Road, Shajing Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China, 518104.
    Tel: +86-755-23197735
    Mob: +8618675646976

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