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Key Points Of Cardboard Display QC Inspections
Jan 15, 2018

Cardboard advertising display stands are playing an important role in terminal promotions, the quality of the cardboard display shelf and the overall appearance is very important, But how clients can choose a good display for your products, especially, how to evaluate a display the manuifacturer provide you? Here are some tips to complete the production of large cargo inspection products which should pay attention to.


Tip 1

With the improvement of people's living standards, consumers are increasingly aware of environmental protection. There are more and more merchants who choose to display their products on point of sale cardboard display stands, and they all like to get higher sales volume at the terminal promotion. POP up cardboard display stand can print beautiful graphics to attract consumers. The merchant presents the designed document to the supplier and asks the supplier to print it onto the cardboard point of purchase display. The merchant can then carefully observe the graphics on the paper display shelf, whether there is a missing or hidden images or fonts and whether there is a defect If there are color, crack or black spots, these are problems.


Tip 2

Take out your PP sample and contrast with the production displays, touch and feel, thin material will feel uneven. There are pit appearance on the surface, and the stiffness is not good enough, giving a very weak feeling, there is another soft situation is just produced, mounted pit glue has not completely dry.


Tip 3

Some merchants found that the corrugated display stand in the supermarket less than a week began to fall down, the emergence of pieces of color falling, it is because the printing is not done, the surface treatment is not good enough, especially in the UV Varnish treatment appears more of this situation, so when to understand the production process to consult a little more manufacturers, so as not to finally suffer nor do I know where the reasons lie.


Tip 4

Due to the nature of the paper display rack, custom-made according to customer requirements malicious price hijacking of each other, counterfeiting and other products arising between the disorder caused by the disorder is very serious, has threatened the health of the industry, sustainable development. Many businesses are hitting their own professional name of the solicitor, in fact, "what you pay for" in this market is absolutely true chapter, if you believe that the business of "preferential policies", the last loss of only their own, so choose Paper display rack must be able to choose the formal design and production of regular businesses, it is necessary to go to the factory to see the actual situation, the factory is generally a sample for reference, to see if the quality of the structure is made properly, so as to prevent fooled deceived, do not superstitious so-called "years of experience, professional" and so on.



Established in 2010, WOW has been specializing in POP display business for over 9 years, with whole production line in house, WOW owning a very competitive price and service among the market.

We are dedicating to providing the “WOW” displays and service!


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    Add: Room 211, Shuiyuan Ju Bld, Baoan Road, Shajing Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China, 518104.
    Tel: +86-755-23197735
    Mob: +8618675646976

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