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Marvel And DC Paper Display Stands
Aug 20, 2018

The world seems to be being chased forever, no matter how powerful you are, there will always be opponents who are as powerful as you, or stronger than you.

Marvel and DC are such opponents.

Toy display stand 1.png

They were all born in the 1930s. After decades of development, they have become great giants, each with a large number of cool and superheroes.

After the development of film technology, the cartoons were put on the big screen, and the battlefields of the two families were transferred to the film and television industry.

Toy display stand 2.png

DC and Marvel have been fighting for many years and have been evenly matched because there are some places that the other party cannot surpass.

But even if you know this, you still can't understand which child is Spider-Man? What is the relationship between Wonder Woman and Captain America? Who is the gold master of DC, and who is the owner of Marvel?

Toy display stand 3.png

Now let's take a brief look at the difference between the two:

Founded in 1934, DC was founded five years earlier than Marvel. It created the first superhero superpower, Superman, and the first superhero without superpowers, Batman, and later created Wonder Woman. Superheroes such as Flash, Green Lantern and Arrow, as well as superhero teams such as Justice League and Suicide Squad.

Toy display stand 5.png

However, in 1969, DC was acquired by Warner Bros. Pictures, and then the comics were made into a live-action movie. In 1978, the first superhero movie Superman was released. In the next 20 years, he continued to shoot 3 sequels and 4 Batman movies.

After entering the 21st century, DC has produced several small conscience works, such as "V-Vendetta" and "Watcher". However, the most popular among the global audience is the new independent "Batman Dark Knight" trilogy directed by Nolan. The high level of Marvel reached is insurmountable, and Anne Hathaway, known as "American version of Yang Mi", starred The third part of the sexy catwoman.

But in the past few years, DC's hero movies have been far less than Marvel.

When it comes to Marvel, Marvel was founded in 1939 and was acquired by Disney in 2009. It has Iron Hero, Captain America, Raytheon, Hulk, Black Widow, Panther, Ant, Magic Four, and the Avengers. Alliance, X-Men, Galaxy Guardian and other hero teams. However, Marvel's most popular comic character is Spider-Man, but Marvel sold the Spider-Man movie copyright to SONY. In 2002, SONY made it into a movie and earned a lot of money.

▲ Marvel's comic character

In 2008, Marvel's superhero film "Iron Man" was a great success after the release, and tasted the sweetness. Marvel then pursued the victory and put most of his energy into the film industry. First of all, all the superheroes gathered to shoot the first "Avengers League" and established the concept of the film universe (the world view built in the hero movie, the film universe is more advanced and more commercial than the "series film"), and took the lead in occupation. The market for cosmic movies followed by a large number of superhero movies. In a few days, "Avengers 3: Infinite War" is about to be released, and there are already many Marvel fans who are looking forward to this movie.

DC then called its own superhero movie DC to expand the universe. The well-known word of mouth is "Suicide Squad", "Wonder Woman", "Justice League", and "Justice League" is Superman, Batman, Magic The six heroes of the woman, the flash, the sea king and the steel skeleton are united to fight against the unknown threat.

The same is the film work that has been changed. DC has deeper thoughts on human nature and social reflection.

For example, in Batman's trilogy, Batman insists that the bottom line does not kill, but the clown thinks that there is only one line between superhero and morality. Countless times, Batman has let him kill himself, so they are the same, but Batman puts After a few occasions to kill the clown, the clown made evil. In the end, should Batman kill the clown? Such works make people think more.

Marvel is more like to let the audience see the hearty, the film special effects scene is more exquisite.

▲Marvel VS DC

In fact, Marvel and DC are both comic giants, and the subject matter is also a superhero series. The diffused works have formed their own movie universe, and there are too many similar places. Just like the paper piles that they made when they sold audio-visual products, they all walked in the dark wind.

▲The paper display stands that sell DC audio and video works are printed with live images of each character. The big head card is DC's core character Batman and Superman, two major IP matchups.

Toy display stand .png

▲ Corresponding to DC's consistent dark wind, the back of the pile is a large-format Batman stand. The fans saw that they couldn’t wait to take it home. Such a huge licensing brand can not only attract consumers, but also give consumers a photo and increase the fun of interaction.

Toy display stand .png

▲This tray display pusher is specially designed for Batman series comics. The head card is the background of Batman in Batman.

Toy display stand.png

▲This is the vertical paper display stands of the Avengers. It is famous for its iron man, American captain, Thor, and black widow.

Toy display stand .png

▲ The first "Captain America" video and audio paper shelf, not taking the dark wind, designed into orange to better meet the scene of war in the plot, the scene of the sky.

Toy display stand.png


Seeing here, you probably know about American-cartoon. Therefore, Spider-Man is the child of Marvel's family; behind the DC is Warner Pictures, behind the Marvel is Disney; Wonder Woman and the US captain have nothing to do with, the only relationship is that their weapons are a shield.

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