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PMs, Are You Still Worried About Point Of Purchase(POP) Display Stand?
Jan 05, 2018

With the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection, the aesthetic requirements of the increase, the cost of the budget to reduce the past few years, more and more manufacturers have chosen to sell their products on corrugated display stands, the industry is also at this time the fire up , And also a mixed bag, so there have been many people from different industries into the industry to find a lucky bag, in the end how many manufacturers are doing cardboard display racks professional? The aesthetic requirements of the increase, the reduction of the cost of the budget, this industry is also at this time the fire up which one is good?



With these questions, we go to make some commentary, what kind of manufacturers can only make a good quality paper shelves? What should be the specific conditions? Here is my own open Shenzhen WOW Display Industrial Ltd. made cardboard display stands for many years to do a cardboard display shelves factory required several conditions:

1) So many display stand manufacturers, why not every one can make good quality cardboard display shelves it? One of the important reasons is that the display shelf structure is complicated. Structural design is the soul of POP Display design where the shape of POP display is ever-changing, to achieve the paper is already a problem with corrugated cardboard to achieve load-bearing, so the structural requirements are high. So to make high-quality corrugated display shelf must have a good structural designer. Structural design software is also very important a good software can do more with less, I personally think CIMPACK is the best of all similar software, because you can set a lot of shortcuts, it is handy to use, and CIMPACK easy to use, the general practice of two weeks you can use freely.

2) Equipped with automatic computer proofing machine, improve the efficiency of proofing at the same time prominent advantages in the structural optimization. We usually out of a common shelf model only a day, complex also about 2 days. Most of those few days can not give up the kind of machine most of the time, this plant did not have time to optimize the structure, the production of things will not be very good, especially when doing those complex structure of the pile can be seen .

3) The quality of the structure design directly affects the quality of the display rack produced. Cardboard is not like wood, proofing is what it looks like what is produced, cardboard display stands proofing is the time the paper has been mounted flatten, proofing the general effect is very good. Many customers feel good when they receive a sample, but usually some manufacturers produce pay is rubbish, not only failed to reach the store displays due to the effect but the impact on the company's image. In fact, the design of POP display structure must be considered must consider the deformation of the production process, there depends on the attitude of the factory owner, because the quality of materials directly affect the size of the deformation with the shelf load. Now a lot of quotations with this material, production on the steal material, think of ways to reduce costs make a little more, in the end more harm than good. So advise the price of major customers is definitely not your order to whom the standard must be eye-catching fire Qing.


4) Is the venue. Large size of the paper display stands, 100 to 200 sets to take up a container, the required venue area of at least 1,000 square feet can do.

5) As far as production is concerned, it is important to have an experienced production director because there are more corrugated display stands accessories, and the director is responsible for how each part is arranged and quality control. If the director of the lack of experience to make the shelves will be completely aliased, because the glue dry cardboard pressure is good and how pressure, how much pressure each time are very particular about. It is also necessary to have someone make quality control during production. There is a big factory is the first line to develop the domestic market, but also do a relatively large, that is, there is no quality control, what is produced now has nothing to do with the experience of the plant.

6) The production equipment is small, just equipped with a 1800mm and a 1200mm die-cutting machine, a mounted pit machine and a glue machine can pull. There is a set of beer board equipment is better, but now the market price of laser die cutting is not high, we generally use laser cut, because the laser cut efficiency is high, we generally send more than 20 square to the die cut plates plant, Just one day to complete the staffing at least four to five days. Coupled with high precision laser cut, made out of the product than the proofer made even better.

7) As for a professional paper shelves factory to go with a printing press that is a lie, generally only to the outside to print it. The amount of paperboard display shelves have not large, with a special printing press and a dedicated cardboard line that is not realistic.

8) The production process arrangements, a company's production process will not directly affect the delivery time.


After understanding these above, how to purchase paper display shelf? What are the general process? The following describes the purchase of our customers paperboard shelf Note:

A, On the structure: structure We are based on the size of the customer's product packaging design, all the pictures on the website for reference only, the product can not be purchased directly. You can customize a similar style based on your company's product packaging size and number of POP displays.

B, On the design: We can according to the buyer's product packaging size, the main target market and marketing positioning to carry out structural design.

C, On the material: Our company basically uses high-strength corrugated paper mounted ash, in line with the requirements of low-carbon environmental protection, to make a contribution to environmental protection, paper shelves is a good choice.

D, on the picture: All pictures of the company's website is a buyer according to our company to provide knife line plane file, we follow the buyer's file requirements for printing.

E, On the price: the price on the site are reference price, the specific price in accordance with the structure and size of the display rack, printing screen, material requirements and the number to adjust.

F, A large number of demand: all the show are to provide a renderings to confirm the signing of the purchase and sale contracts, free proofing again identified before the production of large goods, our company is a computer sample to do with the big goods is exactly the same.

G, a small amount of demand: Division I from the quantitative 200, too few are proofing, the cost is relatively high.

H, On the freight: Our quotes are not including freight (except for special note), a small amount of goods to take delivery, the specific costs in accordance with the courier company charged a large number of goods to take the goods, the specific freight negotiations.

I, On the return: Our production of large goods are customized, and proofing in advance after the reproduction. So do not accept the terms of the return, please understand.

J, On the production equipment: Has a new ultra-fully open (1600 x 1200) Man Roland 4-color printing presses and supporting the post-press processing, all the production processes without outsourcing, fully completed in its own factory, the production quality is fully Protection.

K, Company qualifications: Division I is a professional production of paper shelves of entities, production, research and development, manufacturing and after-sales service as one of the stores of paper products R & D and production manufacturers, professional technical design, skilled proofing skills, Is the perfect product guarantee.

With an understanding of how long can the POP cardboard display be used? We'll unlock this mystery for you, metal display rack, wooden shelves can be used for two or three years, acrylic shelves can be used for a year or two, through the corrugated display shelves can be used for three months to six months. Note that the display stand is basically made for the sale of certain products, the update time is generally not more than three months or six months, special display stand rarely used for more than a year, a long time the customer lost their fresh feeling, especially Is a promotional / holiday use of the display stand, the passage of time, without updating gives the feeling of outdated, expired.




For more, please contact sales manager: Aaron Li


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