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Some Common RFQ About Cardboard Display Stands
May 05, 2018

Q1: Can cardboard display stand bear weight with corrugated board?


A: people usually use cardboard in their daily life, most common they is write paper. It gives you a very soft feeling. Only those who are engaged in this field or who have a deep understanding of this aspect will understand. There are many kinds of corrugated board used in various parts of life. The most important thing is packing cartons, and the cardboard display shelf is a high strength corrugated board. At the same time, it can achieve higher weight by changing the structure of the display shelf, and can be counterbalanced with the wood iron.


Q2: What are the materials used for making corrugated display shelves?


A: Most commonly used is corrugated cardboard, corrugated cardboard classification according to corrugated type: A, C, B, E and their combinations, such as: AB flute, BC flute, BBC flute and so on. Classified according to the number of cardboard layers: two layers of cardboard, three layers of cardboard, four layers of cardboard, five layers of cardboard, seven layers of cardboard, etc.; according to the corrugated type: U, V, UV shape; now the market is general UV; corrugated cardboard can be recycled, environmentally friendly products. In order to cater to the diversification of paper display shelves, it is more popular with consumers and often used with other materials so that the cardboard display shelves can carry more new models. It


Q3: Can you produce the cardboard display shelf as the pictures on the Internet?


A: in the paper shelf industry has not yet formed an industry standard, many enterprises are custom-made processing according to customer requirements. When customers change suppliers, a product picture is displayed on a number of factory sites. It is difficult to determine that style is produced, and the quality of the product is divided. So the pictures on the Internet do not represent the manufacturer. Produce that style of paper shelves.


Q4: I saw the design on the Internet very well, can you buy one like that for me?


Answer: the pictures seen on the Internet: some are drawing out effects; some are produced by the factory. There are related link information on the picture, and the effect picture is different from the real cardboard display rack. What you want to buy is a real cardboard display shelf, then the factory has a paper display shelf after it is produced. In general, the business is not allowed to be sent or transferred or even sold. The cardboard display plant is only unworthy of the use of the display shelves for production. Only one case can be used, that is, no independent design and authorization for others to use.


Q5: Can the cardboard display shelf be printed with our LOGO?


A: Cardboard display shelves are printed on the surface of corrugated products, which can be printed beautifully, so they can be added to print any pattern.


Q6: Can you design it according to my request?


A: At present, the cardboard display shelf industry is customized according to the requirements of merchants. It is easy to damp the paper and not to make inventory.


Q7: Do you need to charge for the sample?


A: The sample general situation is the need to charge to be reasonable, on the premise of good faith in the cooperation of the cardboard display shelf without any cost, only in the sample of some deposit, then it will be deducted from the bulk order.


Q8: Can you send them and assemble them after sample ready?


A: Because the sample is not used before, it will inevitably not be assembled. The manufacturer will provide relevant instructions for assembly. Of course, when you send it over and assemble it for convenience, you can solve the problem on the spot when you encounter problems.


Q9: Can the first cooperation be done in a small amount? How much is the price?


A: The small order is workable, the paper display stand frame itself characteristics need batch production to be more cost-effective, a large amount of single paper shelves need to bear the printing fee and other costs less.


Q10: What is the production lead time?


A: This is based on the quantity and process requirements, the quantity and the complexity of the process, for general orders, the lead time is 1-2 days for sampling, 10-12 days for mass production..


Q11: What is the cooperation process of the customized paper display shelf?


A: design, sample, confirm, and sign a contract. According to the agreed information, the contract should be reflected on the contract to ensure that their interests are protected. Signing contracts is the right and obligation to confirm the supply and demand sides.


Q12: After confirming the production. What impact will I make if I want to change the artwork?


A: This will leave a very bad losses, and the loss should be borne by the fault party.

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All of these are my experience in cardboard display shelf, because I have many experiences, so I sum up them. If you have any questions, you can give me the message (Aaron Li) of the WOW Display factory, and I will further improve my understanding of the paper shelf.


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