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Some Main Problems In Corrugated Display Designing
May 17, 2018

Corrugated display design is an important part of corporate product paper shelf marketing. Because the design of the POP display stand is related to the sales of the displayed products, the visibility is improved. Is the implementation of marketing strategies, is a medium of communication, is the economic benefits, to be good at using, clever use of paper display shelf design. In order to facilitate the combination of the concept of corporate products and the concept of designer corrugated display shelf design, the concept of designing excellent paper display shelf designs is carried out in the end. Looking at the current design of cardboard display shelves, there are many problems. The senior Lee of Shenzhen WOW Display Industrial Ltd. summed up the following eight issues.


Problem 1: The designer is not clear or inaccurate about the idea of displaying the product.

Want to let all people buy this product, the positioning of the product is too broad, so the corrugated display design can not be targeted to communicate with consumers, capture their hearts. No one will believe in buying a cure for all diseases. Many successful product positioning is often narrow, but it can accurately hit the target.

Question 2: The role of the marketing mission that the product shoulders is not defined, and the grade and value of the product cannot be reflected harmoniously.

Corrugated display can also be regarded as the outer garment of a product, just like a person's coat. The first impression of a product is presented from the paper shelf design. Originally, products with high quality connotation, paper shelves are designed to spread the goods; products that originally had no content value, paper shelves are designed to be elegant and luxurious, leaving consumers feeling discouraged or producing inconsistent values, and cannot be purchased for the second time or even eventually. Abandon continuous purchases - any discordant match is a failure.

Question 3: The information layer arrangement of the products to be displayed is unreasonable, the primary and secondary issues are not clear, and the design of the corrugated display is inaccurate.

A lot of information that needs to be visualized has to be searched by consumers. This is the design of the corrugated display is not good, can not immediately grasp the customer before the paper shelf, weak vision, submerged in other product paper shelves, even placed on the paper shelf None of them can be seen.

Question 4: The functions of corrugated display are not fully utilized.

For example, the combination of corrugated display design and advertising, the combination of corrugated display design and promotion, and the design of the corrugated display itself (in the industrial design category).

Question 5: The vast majority of domestic corrugated display do not have logos.

When the corrugated display stand design, the use of the displayed products, or product identification is not comprehensive. In terms of information iconization, it is not yet in line with international standards.

Question 6: The products of an enterprise are not on the corrugated display stand like a family. The reason is that the design style of corrugated display stand varies.

Question 7: Imitation is more serious

From product content to corrugated display stand design, partial or even complete imitation, can only spread to the prototype.

Question 8: The corrugated display stand design of a product produced in a region resembles a brand and a family-produced product line.


Can not break through the inherent mode of thinking of paper shelves of color, graphics, text. Traditional colors and graphics with local characteristics can be used as the key design elements of the brand, but paper shelf brands in the same area must also make differences in the visual identity design of the brand to distinguish each other.

The above eight points are the problems that Mr.Lee of Shenzhen WOW Display Industrial Ltd. summarized for the current paper shelf design. It is not difficult to find problems. The hard part is how to solve problems better. Let this issue become our own selling point and become our own advantage. These factors are often the focus of our corrugated display stand design process.


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