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Some RFQs Regarding Paper Display Stands
Sep 17, 2018

For customers who are not familiar with the paper display stand, there will always be many doubts about the paper display stand. This time we collected some questions that customers often consulted, made a summary, and answered questions for you at one time.

1. Material

Q: What kind of material is the paper display rack?

A: Environmentally friendly corrugated paper is generally used. The thickness of the material is designed according to the weight of the placed product. Generally, it is used for B-pit, E-pit, BE-pit corrugated paper, 300G or 350G paper.

WOW-8000 (11).jpg

2. Load bearing

Q: Is the paper display stand really stable?

A: Before designing, the structure engineer will design the structure that can bear the weight according to the customer's product under the concept of mechanics. If the product is too heavy, we will consider adding other non-paper accessories to enhance the bearing capacity, such as sliders, iron pipes, etc. If the product is still beyond the load-bearing range, then we recommend that you use the paper display stand.

Q: How many pounds can I load? How many pounds can you afford?

A: Generally, an iron pipe can bear 5-8kg and 2 iron pipes 10-20kg. No iron pipe is 3-4kg.

WOW-8000 (13).jpg

3. Service life

Q: How long does the paper display stand generally last?

A: If there is no water and vandalism, our display rack can be used for half a year or longer. The surface of the display rack is covered with a film to provide good waterproofing. If the bottom needs to be waterproof, a PVC undercover or plastic bracket can be added to the bottom of the display rack.

WOW-8000 (21).jpg

4. Cost

The cost of paper shelves involves production costs, proofing fees, taxes, shipping costs, and so on. Most of the concerns of customers are focused on the following issues.

 WOW-8000 (27).jpg

Q: Why is the higher the order quantity, the lower the product price?

A: Part of the production process of the paper shelf is a fixed fee, such as plate making, printing, die cutter, booting cost, etc., which means that there is no difference between one and 100 fixed costs. When these fixed costs are allocated to small quantities, the unit price is high; when the large amount is allocated, the unit price is low.


Q: How is the proofing fee charged?

A: In the early stage of proofing, you need to invest more manpower and material resources, so you will charge a certain amount of proofing fee reasonably. However, as long as you place an order, the proofing fee will be refunded in full.


Q: How is the shipping cost calculated?

A: We are responsible for contacting the logistics company and sending the products. The specific cost is calculated by the logistics company.


Q: How do you count the tax?

A: Open 17% dedicated VAT ticket, we only charge 8 points.


 WOW-8000 (35).jpg

Business colleagues will meet some early-stage customers and want to try custom display stands for their products. When the order details are about to be negotiated and the number of customers is asked, the customer answers 1 or 5... The business partners are ridiculous, not because we are "low-eyed" and do not accept small orders. As mentioned above, there are fixed costs such as die cutters and booting during the printing process. The quantity is too small and the cost of sharing is very high, so this extends from the printing cost to the order quantity.

Q: How many orders are made?

A: The general larger floor paper display stand has a minimum order quantity of 200 sets, and the smaller display case has a minimum order quantity of 500 sets.

the difference

When the customer receives our product, they will find that the thickness seems to be different compared to the sample.

Q: Why are the thickness of large cardboard and sample cardboard different?

A: The reason why the thickness of the board and the bulk of the cardboard is different is because the machine used is different. The paperboard of the sample is directly smashed on the paperboard by printing, and then cut by a cutting machine, and the thickness of the paper is cut without change; and for large goods, the printed paper is first smashed on the pit paper by a paper machine. (This is the first paper being pressed). Then, take the good cardboard and take it to the beer machine for beer pressing. The pre-made knife mold is placed in the beer machine, and the beer machine presses the knife mold on the paperboard to make the shape of the beer (this is the second paper pressing process), but only the place where the knife mold is pressed will be crushed. The materials and samples used in the bulk cargo are exactly the same.

 WOW-8000 (45).jpg

▲This is the same case of the same B-pitch paper (thickness 3mm). On the left is a die-cut cut, in the middle is a cut surface that is cut out by large goods, and on the right is a cut surface. It can be seen that except for the place where the left beer machine is pressed, it is thinner than the bulk goods, but after cutting, it is consistent with the thickness of the sample paper, so there is no behavior of cutting corners.


▲ Similarly, this is an E-pit paper (thickness 2mm). The top is the beer, the middle is the side that is cut freely in the cardboard of the beer, and the bottom is the white sample cut.

These are the issues of more customer consultation, and of course not limited to these issues. It doesn't matter, if you still have questions after reading, please leave a message at the bottom or in the background, we will answer you in detail.

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