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The Development Of Corrugated Display Stand In China
Jul 23, 2018

In China, the development of corrugated display stands is still in its infancy. It began to appear in the domestic market around 2000, and then quickly swept the large supermarkets, shopping malls and other places in some of the more developed coastal cities. After 2002, the corrugated display racks have been widely used in large and medium-sized supermarkets and shopping malls in major and medium-sized cities across the country. The promotion and stacking of various commodities can almost see a wide variety of corrugated display racks. From the single floor-standing display stand in the past to the cabinet, wall-mounted, stacking and other styles, and with its novel and unique, visual impact, it has become the advertising-carrying media and new promotion of the major stores. means.


1. Corrugated display stand is the development direction of cardboard diversification.

China is a big producer of corrugated board, and the output of cardboard ranks second in the world. However, at present, corrugated cardboard produced in China is mainly used for the packaging of commodities, and few other products are developed. However, developed countries have already developed corrugated cardboard from singularized boxes to diversified products. The simplification of the use of cardboard makes the huge production not digested in time, and the production capacity is seriously over-extended. Therefore, the diversified development of paperboard products is particularly important for the strategic transformation of paper packaging enterprises. At present, there are a small number of companies in the corrugated board in addition to display stands, paper trays, paper furniture (tables, chairs, etc.) and paper buildings (pet houses, etc.) are also a few companies in research and development.

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2. Corrugated display stands are the highlight of the innovation and development of carton enterprises

In the face of the increasingly homogenization of products in today's market, the price war caused by this is becoming more and more fierce. Only by taking the road of innovation and differentiation can enterprises get rid of the industry's predicament and create the greatest value. Corrugated display stands, as a high value-added corrugated board extension, are receiving increasing attention from carton manufacturers. Shanghai Foreign Trade Dragon Color Printing Factory introduced the Swiss Ai Xi Cui board production line to meet the needs of the domestic market for finely printed high-end packaging. Since the production line was put into production, it has changed the passive situation that micro corrugated packaging products have been relying on foreign imports. The exquisite and environmentally friendly products such as POP display stands, paper toys and stationery storage boxes have been welcomed by many well-known enterprises at home and abroad, such as Johnson & Johnson. Enterprises, Disney, Cadbury, Want Want Group, Master Kong, Procter & Gamble, KFC, etc., have placed orders to supply.

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3, Industry competition has spawned the development of corrugated display racks

The competition in the corrugated box industry in China is fierce, the prices of raw materials are rising, the price of corrugated boxes is declining, and the profits of conventional products are approaching the bottom line. The letter is to develop a characteristic road for the development of carton enterprises by developing corrugated cardboard products. At present, in addition to packaging purposes, corrugated cardboard in many corrugated box industries in China has small batches such as paper trays and display stands, which are difficult to form scale effects. In this regard, some carton factories have adjusted the product structure, using their own equipment advantages and technical advantages, specializing in the production of corrugated display stands, hoping to generate more profits. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 150 professional enterprises producing corrugated display racks in China, mainly in some cities in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing and Zhejiang. Other carton factories also use their own advantages to design some customers in the overall packaging solution. Corrugated display stands, but there is still a certain gap between quality and professionalism and professional manufacturers.

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4. Corrugated display stand will become an indispensable advertising carrier for the terminal sales market.

At present, supermarkets and supermarkets that have rapidly developed and developed rapidly have spread all over China's primary and secondary city markets, and occupy the third- and fourth-tier urban markets in some coastal areas, becoming the main terminal sales market. With people's life rhythm getting faster and faster and forming a "one-stop" shopping habit, supermarket hypermarkets have provided a large number of high-quality and low-priced goods and a good shopping environment for consumers with their large-scale operation advantages. Established a dominant position in the sales of commodity goods.

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Supermarkets use corrugated display stands to achieve the following objectives:

Forming the momentum of the store, because the corrugated display racks are often used in large quantities, it can form a huge propaganda shock wave in the whole store; to realize the psychological suggestion, the corrugated display racks are often repeated in the same store because of their simple and light features, so they often give people A psychological suggestion for firmly occupying the market; strengthen communication and interaction, the corrugated display stand has a simple and bright form, is simple and eye-catching in design, has visual communication effect, and its shape and text are easy to understand, easy to read, interesting and A better intuitive aesthetic effect, therefore, the corrugated display stand shows a good affinity, and therefore fully and comprehensive communication with the customer.

The corrugated display rack will be an indispensable advertising propagator for the terminal sales market, and its domestic development prospects are very optimistic.

Although the corrugated display rack is still in the development stage in China, with the rapid development of the modern merchandise retail industry and the increasing global environmental protection calls, the market for corrugated display racks will become larger and larger. Nowadays, more and more paper packaging companies regard it as a new economic growth point and increase investment in manpower, material resources and financial resources. Some experts predict that in the next few years, the corrugated display stand will usher in the spring of development, and it may become another major category of packaging products in addition to corrugated boxes.

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