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The Importance Of Collocating Colors On POP Display Stand
Apr 28, 2018

The main consideration of designing a promotional paper display stand is the appearance of the cardboard display rack. And the most important appearance is the shape and color. Yes, today, let's share the importance of color collocation for paper display stands.

Most people in the shopping mall, exhibition hall, exhibition, store, store and other sightseeing goods, will take the way to glance of products, with just take a glance of the whole market which in their eyes through, only when found that a commodity they like and need, will stay and take a careful observation.

Therefore, the problem comes out and we need to take a great considering of the solution.

Consumers are easy to be tired and dizzy when they look at colorful display stands.

According to the survey, 86% consumers will pay attention to the color and appearance of goods when making a purchasing decision.So, once we designing a cardboard POP display, choose the color that can match the commodity as much as possible.

WOW-2000 (36).jpg

Here are some representative colors and the main meaning they stand for.

Yellow: young, optimistic. Used to attract attention. Usually, it can not be used as the main color automobile accessories display stands, and the yellow frame should be matched with other colors.

Red: energy. The red color cardboard display stand can bring urgency and speed up heartbeat. The top and bottom of the boutique can be selected to attract impulsive shoppers.

Blue: a feeling of trustworthiness and safety. That's why many highways are marked with blue and white words. Deep blue and dark blue can be used to attract budget sensitive consumers.

Besides, there are some standards to do the color collocating.

1. Same color matching

The same color matching refers to the color matching with the color of the same hue. The change is mainly manifested in the change of lightness and purity of a single hue. The overall visual effect of the same color matching is weak, and its color matching form becomes very strong. It is especially suitable for the special, private and individual theme pictures, such as the unique and miraculous micro scenes with the same red color.

The color combinations in the same color system within 15 degrees apart on the color ring are the same color matching.

WOW-2000 (76).jpg

2. Similar color matching

Similar matching refers to the way of color matching with similar hue colors. Both left and right are adjacent color relations. The overall visual sense of adjacent color matching is weak, and the overall tone is very coordinated. It can directly show the color characteristics of warm and cold and so on. It is appropriate to show the same type, and the theme of auxiliary, resonance, echo and harmony.

WOW-2000 (52).jpg

The color combination within the 45 degree range of the color ring is adjacent color matching.

3. Contrast color matching

Contrast color matching refers to the use of color conflict color phase for color matching, such as red and yellow green, red and blue green, its characteristics are strong color contrast, strong color, more sharp contrast to the near color contrast, full, easy to bring excitement and excitement, suitable for the theme of random, primary and jump.

The color combinations within the 120 degree range of the color ring are matched colors.

WOW-2000 (18).jpg

4. Complementary color matching

Complementary color matching uses two opposite colors to match colors. The complementary color hue is the strongest contrast, richer and more stimulating than the contrast. When the two complementary collocations are placed together, they are in the strongest contrast state. When the two mixtures are mixed, they completely cancel each other and blend into no color. Complementary color matching is suitable for displaying open, antagonistic, strong and accurate themes.

The two color of the 180 degree angle on the color ring is complementary color.

WOW-2000 (26).jpg


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