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Win At The Start Line Of 2019
Jan 07, 2019

Just back from the New Year's holiday, a new wave of “returning to the city” appeared in the first-tier cities, major companies have started working. New Year, new weather. each company has vowed to set a goal for this year's performance and fight for it, at the moment when "people" is running, who can make the most keen judgment to win at the starting line?

For this wave of “returning to the city” there is no doubt that it will bring the most direct benefits to the daily necessities industry. Major supermarkets will also be indirect beneficiaries, but the daily consumer goods industry is highly competitive. Under the circumstance of brand reputation, which marketing method is more attractive will directly go to the forefront of product promotion and become a new year. The leader. In this small series for everyone to plan some good marketing tools.

First, media marketing.

Toy display stand 5

If you want to seize this wave of income, you will be willing to spend a small amount of money. In terms of “returning to the city”, young people account for the first place among all people, and these young people are people who are willing to spend money on their quality of life. Major companies can launch high-end new products on the Internet to promote a lot of promotion, which will bring your company the first bucket of the New Year.

Second, terminal promotion activities.

For this group of people, our analysis is: things must be bought well, it is best to be affordable. Therefore, brand promotion will be the most important one in terms of performance, we should also pay attention to the promotion. Well-known companies can use price to speak, small firms need to use creativity to attract consumption.

Bus Shape Display Stand 1

Third, online promotion.

In the current mobile phone network consumption has become an unstoppable new trend, and the majority of the use of Meituan consumption is young people aged 20 to 35, so make full use of this online platform.

How to walk in the forefront of peer product sales in 2019 will be the most concerned topic, creative promotion will become the most effective way to put sales in the next few years, and the current society is eager to appear in everyone's aesthetic fatigue. Creative new things. Shenzhen WOW Packaging & Display Products Co., Ltd. is fully prepared for this purpose. The innovative design of the paper shelf design will be the marketing strategy of WOW in 2019, and the paper shelf itself is a kind for domestic use. The products are more novel and put on display, showing the carrier of corporate image, and the environmental protection, plasticity, easy disassembly and easy transportation characteristics of paper shelves will create considerable sales performance for many enterprises.

WOW-9000 (181)

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