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WOW Is Ready To Get All POP Display Projects Running!
Feb 24, 2018

After a nice and warm Chinese New Year Holiday, all teams in WOW Display is prepared to have all project running on time, please feel free to email /call us if there is anything we can help!


Today, for this first of working, I’d like to write something about the advantage of cardboard displays shelves contrast to traditinal display racks.


Cardboard display stand is a kind of display rack, but it is more than a single display shelf, to be more, it should be a display rack which reflect the characteristics of a series of products better, with the product images, and a variety of simple introduction, the use of cardboard display stand is much more easier to show products, improve product attention. Especially in a variety of exhibition sites, as well as a variety of promotional activities, can well achieve the purpose of promotion.

In the past, a single color was just a display rack for placing a product. In addition to a single color, the shape was very simple, and there was no screen feeling or three-dimensional feeling. The display rack is relatively different from the traditional shelf in terms of color change. According to different products can be made with different images, as well as product LOGO, the assembly of cardboard display stand is more convenient, you can install anytime, anywhere.

The installation of the cardboard display stand is simple, a person can complete the assembly of a cardboard display stand, but also easy to carry, use at all kinds of exhibitions are the best exhibition display supplies, cardboard display stand features a beautiful appearance, solid structure, assembly free, quick disassembly, easy transportation. Not only boutique display stand style, elegant, but also a good decorative effect, cardboard display stand to make the product play an extraordinary charm.

There are many types of display stand, according to the use of points, a professional food display rack, beverage display rack, daily necessities display rack and other products display rack. According to the use of sub-points is divided into floor display, wall-mounted display, as well as desktop displays and so on. According to the production of material points, and paper exhibition planes, metal display stand, aluminum display stand, wooden display rack, there are all kinds of synthetic materials display stand. Because there are not only a variety of display stand and a variety of materials, so the display shelf application than the traditional shelf more and more popular.


Established in 2010, WOW has been specializing in POP display business for over 9 years, with whole production line in house, WOW owning a very competitive price and service among the market.

We are dedicating to providing the “WOW” displays and service!


For more, please contact the sales manager of WOW: Aaron Li


Mobile: +86 186 7564 6976





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    Add: 3/F, Yuehua Industrial Park, Songbai Road, Gongming Street, Guangming District, Shenzhen, China, 518106.
    Tel: +86-755-23197735
    Mob: +8618675646976

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